Sunday, May 21, 2006

More legal agreements

I have another post in the works -- about NPR interviewers, and why why why can't they ask follow-up questions when administration or other official spokespeople blow them off -- but, in the meantime, I just can't wait to post the following gem, to which one must agree before submitting a visa application to the UK:
I am aware that it is an offence under the Immigration Act 1971, as amended by the Immigration and Aslyum Act 1999, to make to a person acting in execution of the act a statement or representation which the maker knows to be true and to seek to obtain leave to enter in the United Kingdom by means which include deception.
(Italics mine.) Dearie, dearie me. "You swore", I can imagine them saying, "that the statement you were making was false, and yet it was true." "Yes," reply I, hastily, "but have you heard of the liar's paradox?"


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