Saturday, June 03, 2006


Homosexuals of the world, rejoice, for 'conversion therapist' Richard Cohen (who is 'ex-gay') can cure you. In order, for example, to cure you, the homosexual male, of wanting to be held by a man, he will hold you. You can also exorcise your, or at least his, anger by beating up a pillow. (That link points to, and most of the information in this post comes from, Crooks and Liars). Of course, to cement his 'ex-gay' status, Richard Cohen entered into a loving, healthy marriage which was arranged for him by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. He did not, however -- it's funny how these things slip your mind -- become licensed as a therapist, and indeed was permanently expelled from the American Counselling Association.

So far, as I've mentioned, this is essentially just a rehash of information from Crooks and Liars. What brought me to make this post is the reason Cohen gave for why he was never licensed as a therapist:

"I didn't want to jump through the hoops and deal with the heterophobia and anti-ex-gay attitudes."
Well, nothing brings me more pride than being up-to-date on my understanding of the latest in discrimination, but anti-ex-gay bigotry is a new one even to me. ('Hetero-' meaning "different", though, I can only assume that 'heterophobia' means "fear of the different" -- scarcely a new bigotry.)


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