Thursday, August 24, 2006

The case of the car manufacturer(s) and the missing 'n'(s)

I have long since reconciled myself to the Mazda Millenia. "Why not", I'm sure people said to themselves, "buy a car with a misspelt name, seeing as the world will end at the turn of the [ahem] millennium anyway?" However, it now appears that, if one gives an industry an inch (or, say, a missing letter), they will take a mile (or, say, the same missing letter again). I have just discovered that GMC makes a car called the 'Savana'. Setting aside the issue, which I will put down to personal taste, of that final 'h', are 'n's suddenly so precious that we cannot afford to use them in profusion? I noticed at a showing of An Inconvenient Truth last night (capsule summary: The world would be in deep shit, if not for Al Gore, and it nearly is anyway, despite Al Gore!) that the first 'N' on the marquee was a 'Z' on its side and the third 'N' was (apparently) an 'I' followed by a rather tipsy 'V' -- but I thought this just evidence of poor alphabet-budgeting, not the tip of a worldwide 'N' drought.

P.S. Yes, even with US mileage standards and the state of the domestic automobile industry being what they are, I am really choosing to get worked up over spelling. You got a problem with that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No problems, except that my favourite blogger hasn't posted anything in a while.

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