Monday, August 07, 2006

More graffiti

The walls of the men's bathroom in Rendezvous Café here in Ann Arbor are a rich source of graffiti. Today I saw one which clearly belongs in any respectable collection. It is a three-part epic, which I will now relate.

La première partie: I wish I was angry.

La deuxième partie: It's "were", you fucking cock muncher. Use the correct subjunctive mood. You live in America, where we go to school. Learn something, you ignorant twatwaffle.

La troisième partie: Thanks! :-)

It reminds me of another one, from the same Toronto restaurant in which I saw the "It looked so nice out ..." graffito related earlier:

Insult me, please.

Damn, now I can't.

UPDATE 11 August 2006: I was back at the Rendezvous Café today, and noticed to my regret that, apparently, the second and third parts of the three-part quote related above were actually written by the same person. Naturally, this makes the exchange much less funny. Oh, well.


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