Wednesday, July 12, 2006

An open letter to documenters of Python

I am not much of a programmer, and I have programmed not a line of Python, so I won't comment, except in parentheses, on such things as its relative merits with respect to Perl (in which I have programmed) and its forced indentation (yecch). However, there is a quick lesson in order.

The following object:
is a single quote. The following object:
(two ['] characters) is a double quote. A double quote is sometimes disguised as a single ["] character, or even (by LaTeX programmers) as ``. The following object:
(three ['] characters) is a triple quote. Someone in such a mood would presumably have a right also to call each of the monstrosities '" (['] character + ["] character) and "' (["] character + ['] character) a triple quote. The following object:
(three ["] characters), no matter how much you (or anyone else) want it to be, is not a triple quote. Even if you feel squeamish about calling it one, it is a sextuple quote.

Thank you for your time.


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