Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Unusual search terms

One of my favourite running jokes in Christopher Livingston's old site Not My Desk was when he would detail the bizarre search terms that had brought people to his site. When I started this blog, it was easy to believe that my purpose in doing so to communicate my deepest, innermost feelings, on, for example, missing 'n's, but really, if I am honest with myself, what I wanted to see was what strange search terms would lead people here. (I understand it's dangerous to mention this explicitly as a goal, since nowadays people rise to the challenge and it becomes difficult to sort out genuine search results from artificially but cleverly crafted ones; but I think this danger is somewhat mitigated if, as in the present case, the mention appears on a blog which no one reads.)

So -- aside from the brief flurry of Technorati users finding (and rapidly leaving) this blog while searching for A. C. and J. P. 1, what is the one search term which, according to Statcounter, has ever led someone to this site? 'Semisimplification'. If the visitor who was searching for that term ever returns, well, welcome back, and I'm sorry that (as I can only assume is the case) you didn't find the information for which you were looking. As compensation, I can point you to a great site for information on painful hiccupping.

While I'm greeting people personally (or as personally as a greeting gets based on IP addresses), hi to the visitor from the University of Michigan, although I'm slightly unnerved that you got here by searching specifically for my blog's name.

1 Because, if I spell out their names, then the Technorati users start coming back, that's why.


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