Saturday, December 23, 2006

Loren the content-slaughterer

Somehow, it is my ability -- which I only hope humbly that I will always use for good -- utterly to kill any regularly-updating web site. Although I've forgotten the exact reason for each of the notches in my website-killing belt (a rugged and manly adornment with which I am always girt while browsing), I have felled such lofties as Not My Desk, Spamusement, and (apparently) Permanent Monday, all of which, despite their storied histories, folded within a month of my starting to read them, some before I had even made my way all the way through the archives. (I should mention in the interest of fairness that I am not undefeated; Goats and Sluggy Freelance stand bloodied but unbowed.) Perhaps my most startling kill was Brunching Shuttlecocks, a venerable institution which seemed immortal -- at least, until I started reading it. I suppose, therefore, that it was inevitable that it wouldn't take too long for my blog to become a month-or-more-between-entries type of thing rather than the regularly-spouting fount of amusement which I had hoped it would become; but all the same I had hoped to last longer than this. We'll see if the Christmas break helps at all with its rejuvenation.


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