Wednesday, July 04, 2007


The BBC has an article up today, in which they report on the National Archive's worry that data stored in old proprietary formats are being, and will continue to be, lost as the programmes that could read them cease to be available. Here's the article, and here's a screen capture: Setting aside the facts that this seems to be an awfully belated reaction (did some popular programme just cease to run? Did they never try to look at the old data before?); that the archivists seem breathlessly excited about a solution which, after all, seems to be little more than virtualising the OS's needed to run these old programmes (about which even Mr Frazer above seems to look slightly apologetic); and that the story touts OOXML as a way out of the woods (albeit with a grudging mention that Microsoft might have considered using ODF instead); doesn't it seem that the BBC might feel slightly sheepish about hosting a video attached to such a story in a proprietary Windows-only format?


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