Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This is enough silence, and enough of noticing comments (such as naper271's on my last post) only after they have been around for a month. I will, I will, I will take to updating again. Only, uh, not today, because I'm busy. But tomorrow. Or possibly the next day. Well, it's weaselly, but I've said it publicly, so at least it'll be publicly embarrassing until I do something about it (or delete this post).

UPDATE 25 April 2007. My God, am I a liar. Since people have been to my blog since I made this post, I cannot now silently delete it and hope that, like the many others of which, for obvious reasons, I can say nothing, this perfidy will go unnoticed; so instead I will content myself by noting that a post saying "I will post soon" (and naught else) is, as a practical matter, never, ever true, for anyone with actually anything to post will post it (now rather than soon). Accordingly, I will post soon. Really and truly.


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