Friday, March 14, 2008

No telecom amnesty (for now)!

I am joyous, over the roof, ecstatic about the recent house vote against providing telecom immunity. As Glenn Greenwald at Salon writes, opponents of immunity have long, and reasonably, believed that defeat was inevitable; so, although this is not yet a victory, at least it's a step forward rather than a step backward, and that, in the current environment, is something to cheer.

So, happy, happy, joy, joy -- but then there's this sentence from Jonathan Weisman's Washington Post article:

Congress then defiantly left Washington for a two-week spring break.
Oh yeah. Stick it to the man! Take your spring break!

Oh, and, hi. How are you doing? I am fine. Plenty of news. (I intended to wait until I could post thoroughly about the news before posting anything, but this news deserves comment from such a world-famous blog.) Wait a bit, and all, or at least some, will be told.

UPDATE 17 March 2008. I originally incorrectly described the article as appearing in the Washington Times, not the Washington Post.


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