Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Misplaced outrage

Hey, how about that! Three posts in a row with no blogger-created content! It's OK, though: A (err, self-, sorry) link at MacOSXHints has sent my traffic through the roof, which makes me feel quite the blogger, or would, anyway, if more than two of the people who came for my X.4.10 entry had stayed around to see anything else. Anyway, here's the first sentence of an eMusic review of Pecker's 2 y las Nadadoras:
If you don’t know Spanish, it’s going to be mighty hard to tell exactly what Barcelona’s indie-pop sensation Pecker is talking about in his songs.
Gosh golly gee, ya think? Maybe now we should go back and make sure every review of an American band starts with "If you don't know English, ..." (and then, I suppose, with a further disclaimer: "If, on the other hand, you do know English, then please ignore the fact that the songwriter doesn't.")


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