Wednesday, June 24, 2009

iTunes ToS update

I just downloaded something from iTunes today after a couple of weeks away from it, and noticed that they'd updated their ToS. Big surprise, right? (I don't download from them very often—I've become an eMusic junkie (although their recent we'll-give-you-music-you-don't-want-for-more deal has me reconsidering), with for the tracks that aren't on eMusic (Drag City, we miss you!)—but it seems that, every time I do, there's a new ToS to accept.) What really did surprise me was that, up at the top and ahead of the actual ToS, there was a summary, describing the changes made in plain language. I would have liked to have had a literal delta, too, but, still, this seems to me to be a huge step forward. I can't help thinking that this must be a response to ToSback—so, today as ever, hurrah for the EFF!


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