Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ann Arbor buses

Given that the lion's share of my (staggeringly massive) traffic seems to come from Europe -- of which again by far the majority is people from England looking for information on Those Two -- I suspect whingeing about buses in Ann Arbor will not find its perfect audience here; but nonetheless the spirit moves me to comment. Why, why, has the perfectly functional and unobtrusive ding (followed, on some buses, by a pleasant announcement "stop requested") been replaced by the God-awful CLANG CLANG which now follows every single stop request? It sounds as if it was designed by someone who used to live near a trainyard and felt nostalgic for the sound. It bugs me -- it's loud enough that it's distinctly audible over my iPod (a birthday gift, by the way, from my wonderful wife) -- even during a fifteen-minute bus ride; I can't imagine what it must be like to be a bus driver and have to listen to the sound over and over and over and over, all through one's shift. Can anyone have been clamouring for this? Who could have thought it was a good idea?


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